Blackberry Castle Production Events 2010-2011

Posted on February 28, 2011


Blackberry Castle Productions, Inc.This show is on the road with 3 fundraisers down and more to go. COMING UP SOON will be CINEMAKC and we look for a GREAT ATTENDANCE from our stakeholders, friends and family!!!Stay TUNED for dates and times…Help us meet our GOAL of $15,000.00 for the Anniversary, Cast and Crew REUNION in August 2011. Fundraising began with LIFE IN A DAY/FLASH MOB FOR BCP July 24, 2010. Pre-discussions on formation of volunteers, donors, sponsors have ben ongoing and will continue into next year. BCP will physically launch BCCC(Blackberry Castle Campaign Challenge) December 31, 2010 @ The Scottish Rite Temple by taking DONATIONS NOW:

THANKS TO SPANISH VOICE GROUP for their donation through PAYPAL!

Coming soon, our REUNION for the” Really Young & The Very Restless Cast & Crew” Anniversary week of celebration from August 26-28,2011.