Penguin 2.0: where does SEO go from here?

Posted on May 26, 2013


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Matt Cutts announced this week that Google update ‘Penguin 2.0’ has been rolled out and has affected about 2.3% of English-US queries.


Key excerpt…


The general process here is:

Write quality content that gets Social Signals (pluses and shares).Attract natural links to the content.Encourage engagement and sharing on the site.Build up your ‘PageRank’ for quality signals.Attract mentions/links from other influencers.Build up your relationships within your Circles.Take a ‘PR’ approach to website promotion (get mentioned for natural reasons).Develop a content strategy that generates engagement and regular interactions (earned media as opposed to paid).


These factors means you need to have a look at your site for a number of different areas:

Have you integrated Structured Data for Rich Snippets and Author Tags?Don’t build a brochure website, build a ‘Social Site’.Your site needs to be built around usability and performance – (design and architecture, as well as conversion process improvements are always required).Become a Social Business. Social marketing needs to flow through the whole organisation, this will generate more content and reference points in the social web. With multiple authors being associated with your site and encouraging all employees to create regular content is only going to strengthen your authority within your choose topic.Content strategy is essential (on site & off). You need a content area with high quality content. 
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