Reggie Banks Sr.

Posted on April 23, 2014



Reggie Banks Sr. is an author, movie director, screenwriter, actor, entrepreneur, cameraman, photojournalist, engineer, reporter, CEO / founder Blackberry Castle Productions. 


Reggie Banks,Sr. has been involved in the “art of moving pictures” since he first went to the, now demolished Linwood theater in Kansas City, Mo. Where he watched his first horror movie on wide screen, Dracula, featuring Christopher Lee. And wondered how in the world they got that image, to the shiny white screen with holes in it? He eventually became a Projectionist and the President of I.A.T.S.E & M.P.M.O.(International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees & Moving Picture Machine Operators) in the USA & Canada Local 170. And “moving pictures,”and “still pictures,” have continued to be an unbridled fervor and passion that beats beneath his chest.


Reggie Banks, Sr. was born in Little Rock, Arkansas to Patriarch & Matriarch Willie and Callie Banks, May 15, 1951. Before he was…

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