Erin Paige – Exclusive Interview

Posted on July 18, 2016


Jayhawk Bloggess

I had the opportunity to sit with the beautiful Erin Paige for an exclusive interview. Erin is an amazing jewelry designer, but she is much more than just that. She is a motivational speaker, a singer, an artist, and a goddess of compassion.

One of the collections in Erin’sshopfeatures one of her favorite mediums: copper.

Erin enjoys working with copper because it is a conductor of electricity and energy. She also enjoys to see how the copper changes and oxidizes on its own. The copper that Erin uses in her pieces aren’t the only conductors of energy. Erin believes in putting positive energy in all her work and in her life.

HerSee The Good Journalis an attempt to help coach people in how to see the good in yourself, and in the world. She also gives motivational speeches and instructs classes on Art With Intention. In…

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